“Palau” Movie: Remembering Evangelist Luis Palau’s Roots

When you see a famous and popular person on television, in the movies, or in person, the glow of success can sometimes eclipse their more modest roots. But, the genuinely successful do well to remember their origins.

Global Christian communicator Luis Palau remembers his, and he's grateful to those who helped him along the way. His biopic, Palau, which features in theaters April 4 and 6, 2019, could inspire you to dream big, as he did.

Palau has told stories about Jesus to millions of people worldwide. From New York City's Central Park to London's streets, Holland to Honduras, Bogotá to Beijing, multiplied thousands have packed stadiums, auditoriums, beaches and parks to hear his message of hope, grace, and faith. He's touched millions more via radio and television. But, his reach wasn't always this wide. In fact, as a 10 year old in Argentina, his future seemed a swirl of confusion.

Plunged into Chaos

At boarding school, Luis received news that his father was ill. Before he could return home, his father died. Financial mismanagement by a relative plunged the family into economic chaos. Things got so tight, he recalls, that sometimes his large family had to split a loaf of French bread or carve one steak into eight parts as their dinner. But, buoyed by his mother's faith, the family survived.

As a young man, Luis worked at a bank. But, his real passion became helping people find God. His dream was speaking to masses of people across Latin America and beyond, but how to start? Open-air speaking in Argentina gave him his initial experience.

Ray Stedman, an admired American pastor, arranged for his education in Oregon. There he met and married Pat. Major Ian Thomas, a British speaker, encouraged him to pursue his goals, as did Billy Graham, for whom Luis interpreted from the platform in Fresno, California. While serving as a missionary in Colombia during politically dangerous times, he spoke at a major rally in the capital, Bogotá. ..

‘Unplanned’ Genera doble en ventas de taquilla de lo esperado a pesar de la censura en redes sociales

Una escena de “Unplanned”, en los cines el 29 de marzo de 2019. | La película pro vida “Unplanned” obtuvo el doble de las ventas de taquilla esperadas para su primer fin de semana, incluso mientras lidia con aparente censura en las redes sociales.
Basada en la vida de Abby Johnson, una ex trabajadora clínica de Planned Parenthood convertida en activista contra el aborto, la película acumuló aproximadamente $ 6.1 millones durante el fin de semana.
Esto fue el doble de la venta de boletos esperada, y convierte a “Unplanned” en la tercera película de apertura más grande del fin de semana de Pure Flix, detrás de “God's Not Dead” de 2014 ($ 9.2 millones) y “God's Not Dead 2″ de 2016 ($ 7.6 millones).
La fecha límite Hollywood calificó el éxito de la película pro-vida como ” notable “, ya que la película tenía una calificación de R y no pudo publicar anuncios en la mayoría de las principales redes de cable.
El gerente general de Pure Flix, Michael Scott, dijo en un comunicado publi..