‘La historia de Dios con Morgan Freeman’ explora a Satanás, posesión demoníaca, exorcismo

Morgan Freeman mira a la cámara mientras está parado fuera del Centro Islámico en Washington, DC | En el estreno de la tercera temporada de “La historia de Dios con Morgan Freeman”, el actor ganador de un premio de la Academia busca el diablo en varias religiones y habla con un hombre y un sacerdote que tienen experiencia de primera mano con la posesión demoníaca.
“Las religiones de todo el mundo le han dado muchos nombres a nuestros impulsos más oscuros”, dijo Freeman durante el show abierto, por lo que él y su equipo buscaron explorar qué religiones “creen” sobre el mal, “para qué sirve y quién es el diablo.”
En el episodio, el actor visitó el desierto fuera de la antigua ciudad de Jericó, donde se dice que Satanás tentó a Jesús en el desierto. Más tarde visitó Roma.
“El Vaticano ha sancionado a los discípulos que ven demonios en acción en todos los sectores de la sociedad”, dijo Freeman antes de hablar con dos exorcistas que “todos los días entran en combate con el diablo”.
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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: Movie Review

Dreamworks’ new How to Train Your Dragon movie lives up to the franchise legacy with its third and final installment, The Hidden World. It’s a fun and moving story all about what love looks like, and that feels right, for right now.

In The Hidden World, Hiccup, his beloved dragon, Toothless, and his colorful crew send a group of powerful warlords reeling when they rescue a ship full of their dragon cargo. Determined to eliminate the threat, they turn to a famous dragon slayer, a ruthless tyrant named Grimmel. With such a cunning hunter at their doorstep, Hiccup must decide what’s best for his people even if that means risking everything and everyone.

On so many levels, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, just works. Visually, emotionally, this concluding film in Hiccup’s story entertains and enlightens. We watch Hiccup grow into the chief he was destined to become, overcoming enormous obstacles and his personal doubts.

It’s a movie that teaches us the importance of friends and family; the support they can give in trying times can be life-saving. Ultimately, The Hidden World illuminates what real love does. Not wanting to give too much away, let’s just say this: you will be moved to tears (or at the very least watery eyes) by the end of this film.

Rated PG for “adventure action and some mild rude humor”, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is appropriate viewing for most ages. Moviegoers should know that this Viking story does include profanity-ish dialogue. Some of the supporting characters say “Gods”, a meant-to-be comedic expression of frustration.

Dreamworks takes us on a great adventure yet again with its final How to Train Your Dragon movie. Beyond it simply being a fun film, it offers audiences a virtuous story packed with loads of meaningful moments that inspire us to love, sacrificially.